A game public-chain ecology based on blockchain technology and P2P technology network, and builded for the game field

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Future digital games,Abbreviation: FDG, initiated by a group of game technology enthusiasts-the Global Game Geek Alliance, is a decentralized, fair, transparent and distributed game public-chain platform based on the blockchain technology. With the perfect technical architecture support of FDG, game developers only need to focus on game core content and logic development, so that the entire ecosystem returns to fair competition in innovation, experience, technology and value, and realizes more diversified and rich game applications. FDG allows unilaterally consumed game participants to participate freely in the game entertainment props economy and the peripheral goods and props market economic distribution system, which promotes consumers from the consumption level to the sharing and cooperation level, and realizes the quality of the creator of the economic ecology The transformation, the emergence of FDG means that the revolution of the game industry is coming!

Future Digital Games


POG consensus mechanism

FDG has strict requirements for efficiency and safety. Therefore, the consensus mechanism proved by the enhanced PoG (Proof of Game) game innovatively optimized by the FDG technical team is different from the other four types of consensus mechanisms, which can increase the self-healing of the algorithm itself.

Expansion scheme based on side chain

The goal of FDG's layered sidechain protocol is to transfer a large number of smart contract calculations of functions or games to the sidechain instead of executing on the FDG main chain. The side chain can start with a relatively few nodes with a weakly centralized network architecture, and the number of transactions per second may reach thousands.

Sidechain security

FDG provides a sidechain exit mechanism for players on the sidechain. Even if a sidechain block producer attempts to move the sidechain assets back to the main chain without authorization, the player can still secure the funds and assets can back to the main chain.

Digital fingerprint (DF)

In the field of games, real-name authentication is a prerequisite for value interaction between players and game developers. In FDG's account management system, digital fingerprint verification will be performed on the game player's personal identity, asset owner identity, and resource owner identity.

Decentralized Computing Power Cluster (DCC)

After in-depth research, the FDG technical team proposed the Decentralized Computing Cluster (DCC) for the first time, that is, in the form of a distributed computing power cluster, to efficiently complete logical computing and interactive services during game operation, breaking through the existing blockchain public chain Can't support the bottleneck of high-frequency data interaction in the game.

Redundant Distributed Storage Network (RDSN)

FDG through redundant distributed node storage network, data storage will become efficient and reliable. For games, the centralized data storage model of traditional game service operators is avoided, and the value and assets held by players will not be lost as a result, and the game itself can remain on the chain.

Ecological value creation rules (logical layer)

The enhanced PoG consensus algorithm optimized by FDG's technical team can increase the self-healing of the algorithm, and ensure efficient error correction, fast transfer and strict protection from the underlying logic.

Ecological value generation (physical layer)

FDG's genesis law enables the structure of DCC and RDSN to be reflected on distributed nodes in the real world through the core CREM value system in the technical architecture.

Acquisition and consumption of ecological value (value layer)

The law forms the world, and the physical world generates the source of life through the CREM model-a constant amount of FDG. The interaction and behavior between players and merchants can generate considerable value. With FDG as the carrier, through the FDG token trading system, continuous circulation and value-added are formed to form the most basic ecological cycle system in the entire FDG world.

Value extension of ecological matrix (communication layer)

As an ecological entrance, the FDG token management system simultaneously introduces more third-party value into the ecosystem. Therefore, more than one million ecological users have joined and expanded, so that the ecological cycle system can finally form a stable and stable expansion inside and outside the triangle.

Decentralized promotion and incentive ecology

FDG provides a groundbreaking incentive and multi-level recommendation system that allows players to earn income in games and social activities, as well as earn rebates from payments made by other players. By adding FDG, developers will reduce their marketing expenses and earn additional revenue from other games on the platform.

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